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A Woman's Choice in the Community

A Woman's Choice in the Community!


AWC Jacksonville Wins Community Recognition at Women’s March

Both the Staff of our Clinic and of our Choice Hotline Call Center turned out on a Sunday to talk with the crowds who visited our table, the marchers and the sponsors - and then proudly marched in AWC T-Shirts and Banner! There were some lively conversations and our President, Kelly Flynn was honored by the Women’s March organizers!

AWC Charlotte Looking Out For You

AWC Charlotte attended Town Hall Meeting in Charlotte to discuss the need for quiet space for our patients and to create a Quiet Zone. Many other business leaders spoke of the problems these protestors cause for their clients and staff. Charlotte Manager, Starla had already met with the Police Department and they have provided great monitoring already!! We have much support!

AWC Jacksonville Hosts Lady Parts Justice League

What a fun night! LPJL made us laugh so hard! Their support for Providers, and for us on this special night, continued as they came into our Clinic and Choice Hotline to literally decorate the walls with paintings and framed posters, funny sayings and strong support for the work we do each day. Totally wonderful! Many, many thanks! Our President, Kelly Flynn stirred up the crowd in a rousing talk about the strength we all have to make this a shame-free zone, what a positive oasis for people our Clinics are and urging everyone to get involved!!

AWC Attends the Raleigh March for Science - April 2018

Laws that limit reproductive care based on religious beliefs instead of actual science put women and families at risk. We were proud to attend the Raleigh March for Science to advocate for laws based on actual science and medical understanding rather than political ideology.

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Raleigh March for Science 2


AWC Supports National Network of Abortion Funds Campaign- February 2018

We ROCK the shirt!

We ROCK the shirt!

The National Network of Abortion Funds has dubbed Valentine's Day as "Everyone Loves Someone Who Had An Abortion" day, and encouraged folks to wear their shirts with the phrase. One of our clinic escorts also put together Valentines goodie bags for patients today. 

AWC Marches with Community in HJonK Moral March in Raleigh - February 2018

Last Saturday, AWC & Escorts joined thousands in the annual NAACP-sponsored March for Freedom.  We carried our banner and signs like   A Woman's Choice Supports Your Freedom

The Women's March on Raleigh - Rally | January 2018

Over the weekend of January 20th, the United States saw even MORE Women's Marches across the country, even in red states like North Carolina! We were there tabling at The Women's March on Raleigh - Rally, with information on abortion rights and the care offered in our clinics. We were so happy to see all of the marchers and SO many great signs! 

“Defending abortion access is really important because Roe v. Wade made it a constitutional right, but a right isn’t much use if there’s no access.” -A Woman's Choice Community Outreach Director, Kelsea McLain. 

Read more about the marches on the Daily Tar Heel.

A Woman's Choice of Raleigh, Celebrating 10 Years of Community Care | January 2018

We opened on Roe v. Wade Day ten years ago in 2008 and are honored to serve our community with quality care and compassionate financial assistance for women in need. It was great to see everyone who came out to see the facility and meet our staff. 

Thank you for supporting A Woman's Choice of Raleigh! We look forward to seeing you again - stay posted on future events!

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