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Here, we honor your hopes and dreams

“Our patients are our priority. We are dedicated to you – unconditionally. We are committed to quality care with the dignity and respect you deserve. It is my conviction to see you leave us with your independence, self-compassion and the confidence to move forward with your hopes and dreams.”

Kelly Flynn, Founder, A Woman’s Choice

Your first choice for abortion care. 

Non-judgmental, Compassionate Support. 

At A Woman's Choice, we offer safe, effective abortion methods from the abortion pill to first and second trimester surgical abortion options. Specialty Physician training in our Charlotte location, allows second trimester procedures to be completed in 1 day at the Clinic instead of the 2 days required by other providers. 

North Carolina AWC patients: State Law requires that you receive and hear a State-written script 72-Hours before your abortion. Our R.N. will speak with you privately, by phone or in person and obtain your NC State required consent 72 hours before your abortion care with us.  We can offer this when you call for your abortion care appointment.  Let us help you through this and truthfully answer your questions.  We're here for you.

Our fees are truly inclusive and cover the following within your appointment: 

  • Tranquil sedation (IV Sedation)

  • Abortion procedure

  • Lab work and ultrasound

  • Follow up care

  • Birth control Rx for 1 year, per Dr. approval

  • On-site pharmacy

Our doctors, nurses, and clinical staff are licensed and/or certified, and female physicians are also available in our clinics. 

We also offer private abortion care appointments for your comfort. Ask us for details. 

Here, you come first!

We understand the financial barriers that many women face when making the decision to end a pregnancy. That's why we offer Financial Assistance for those who are eligible.

Please call the AWC Clinic nearest you and ask our staff about Financial Assistance - we can help!

We are Woman-Owned and we know that choosing abortion may not be an easy decision. 

We offer compassionate support for all your pregnancy options. 

We are dedicated to your comfort and confidence. 

Abortion Services in Charlotte NC, Greensboro NC, Knoxville TN, Roanoke VA, Winston-Salem NC, Raleigh NC, Durham NC, Norfolk VA, Wilmington NC, Jacksonville FL, Tallahassee FL, Gainesville FL, Orlando FL

Clinic Locations

➤ Charlotte, NC

421 North Wendover Rd

Charlotte, NC 28211

(704) 367-2255

➤ Greensboro, NC

2425 Randleman Road

Greensboro, NC 27406

(336) 273-9485

Raleigh, NC

3305 Drake Circle

Raleigh, NC 27607

(919) 781-6811

Jacksonville, FL

4131 University Blvd. S, Bldg. 2

Jacksonville, Fl 32216

(904) 448-8877


Clinic Services

Medication (Pill) Abortion

At A Woman's Choice, we ONLY offer the FDA approved Mifeprex for non-surgical pregnancy terminations. The "abortion pill" is a method involving the combination of two medications to safely terminate pregnancies up to 10 weeks. This process is less invasive than a surgical procedure and highly recommended for terminating early pregnancies.

Birth Control

Each A Woman's Choice clinic location offers a variety of birth control options to fit your needs and lifestyle. Please schedule an appointment to determine the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

Surgical Abortion, First and Second Trimester

A Woman's Choice clinics offer first and second trimester surgical abortion services at all clinic locations. Surgical abortion is one of the safest and most common medical procedures performed in the United States.

Pregnancy Testing

We offer Pregnancy Tests you can trust. Testing is available in our office on a walk-in basis on Tuesday & Thursday from 2pm-4pm and Saturdays by appointment only, starting at 8 am. at a small fee. 

Personal Ultrasound Appts      

Private appointments available to check the length of your pregnancy.


Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception (often known as the 'Morning After Pill') greatly reduces the chance of pregnancy if taken shortly after unprotected sex, from 85-99% effective. There are many brands - so read the directions—some can be taken as late as 5 days after sex and some must be taken within the first 24 hours.

AWC is currently offering FREE EC at all our Clinics. Stop by and fill out a heart-message for those choosing abortion and get your 2 FREE packages of Preventeza - 1 tablet, taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Just in case…

HIV/STI Testing

Our clinics offer testing and treatment for a range of Sexually Transmitted Infections and testing for HIV. Please call us to schedule an appointment. 

Everyone was extremely kind and understanding. There was no judgment.
— AWC Patient