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End Abortion Stigma!

Historically, women and marginalized groups have been socially isolated, and men in power have done everything to control their bodies. Sadly, that storyline has not changed much as we continue to see anti-abortion politicians implementing laws that create more financial and logistical barriers to pregnant people’s access to reproductive health care including birth control options, IVF care, miscarriage management, pre-natal support, and abortion. We’re told what we should and should not do with our bodies and how we’re supposed to feel about it.

At A Woman’s Choice of Charlotte, we ask ourselves, how can someone who doesn’t know our patients, their battles, circumstances, or life story tell them what is best for them?! Our only answer to that is:

They don’t know. They can’t understand. They shouldn’t make decisions for them based on politics rather than health care.

We know that each one of our patients is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all pregnancy or abortion care, and we truly believe it is “A Woman’s Choice.” 😉

At A Woman’s Choice clinics, we pride ourselves on providing safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental care. We know that abortions are personal decisions. Only you know what’s best for you and your family, not politicians. Know when you choose us for care, your reason for an abortion is valid, you will not be judged for your reason! One abortion isn’t better than another. You make your choice, and we’re here to support you! Doing what’s best for you may not always be easy, but we are here to educate and empower you and the person next to you.

At our Charlotte, NC clinic, on your walk to our office door, you enter and are met with a feeling of a beautiful, lush green jungle. You will be greeted by our front office assistant who will begin your check-in process. After checking in, our medical staff will call you into the back office and start your care. While many parts of your care are individualized, we do have our Physicians distribute medication abortion pills in a group setting. While there are many reasons for doing this, the primary reason is to destigmatize abortion care. There are multiple people in that room receiving mifepristone to begin their medication abortion. With the other patients, you can feel and see your community. You are not alone. The people next to you will be experiencing what you will. We want you to know that abortions are normal and that we support you.

If you choose a procedural abortion, you may see affirmations hanging from the butterflies over the procedure table and encouraging pictures on the walls. Many of our patients find peace, relief, or support when they journal or read one of our diaries. While you’re waiting, we encourage you to look through them and maybe even share your story because by doing so you’re helping us beat abortion stigma.

We’re sharing some recent ones with you here, but these are a tiny glimpse of all the stories that have been shared with us. We hope it provides you with comfort and a sense of community as it does us.

We know that providing abortion care is essential and is an act of love. These notes are why we choose every day to support you, your hopes, and your dreams.