What Is HB 7/SB 300? A Bill That Bans Abortion After 6 Weeks In Florida

Florida’s State Legislature’s Near-Total Abortion Ban

For months, Florida’s 15-week abortion has put the lives and health of Floridians at risk. Instead of addressing that harm, lawmakers are doubling down on their anti-abortion agenda. Already many Floridians are forced to travel thousands of miles to North Carolina to access care. This has NOTHING to do with protecting the health and safety of Floridians. This is about power and controlling our bodies and our futures.

What is a House Bill 7/ Senate Bill 300?
House Bill 7/ Senate Bill 300 is a near-total (6-week) abortion ban.

What does this mean for our patients?
Right now, care doesn’t care but we need you to take action NOW! If this goes into effect, it means many pregnant people will never have access to abortion care in Florida.

What else?
The bill also expands funding for anti-abortion fake clinics from $4.5 million a year to an additional $25 million a year.

What can you do?

Contact Senate President Passidomo, she has the power to STOP this ban.

SCRIPT: Hi, I am __________ and I’m a (describe yourself: parent/activist/student/community member) who is concerned about the safety of my family and me. Politicians shouldn’t be making decisions about people’s health care. Please don’t pass any abortion bans this session. The 15-week ban is already dangerous and puts us all in harm’s way.

When does this law go into effect?
It is unclear. However, we’re waiting on the FL Supreme Court to rule on the challenge to the 15-week abortion case.

We’re here to support you.
The additional hurdles caused by this law’s implementation can be confusing. You don’t have to go through this alone. Please call so we can walk you through each step and support your decision. Only YOU know what’s best for you and your family.

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