North Carolina Legislators Introduced A Monstrous Abortion Ban ( SB 20)

N.C. Lawmakers Introduce Monster Abortion Ban and Restrictions Without Public Input

Last year when Roe v. Wade was overturned, anti-abortion actors celebrated but they let it be known that they were not to stop there, and they haven’t. Anti-abortion politicians and activists have continued to attack abortion rights and access to sexual and reproductive health care, despite the will of the people. In fact, since the overturn of Roe, 13 states have enacted near-total bans and further restricted abortion access. We have seen the devasting consequences of these bans and restrictions on our patients, our staff, and our communities. 

Late last night, North Carolina Republican legislators introduced a monster abortion ban, Senate Bill 20, that will ban abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy and introduce an astounding number of restrictions intended to limit abortion care. The bill is 46 pages of red tape for patients and providers in accessing and providing abortions, an essential part of health care. The bill is not only impractical but also extreme political interference in personal, intimate health care decisions. To say otherwise is blatant lies and misinformation. We are not fooled.  

This bill will create significant barriers to accessing abortion care in North Carolina, while also narrowing the window of time they have to navigate those barriers. For example, the bill intends to require patients seeking medication abortion to make three separate trips to access that care, while also suggesting that medication abortion can only be provided up to 10 weeks of pregnancy, rather than 11 weeks. North Carolina already has one of the most extreme mandatory delays in the country, and this bill layers hurdles on top of that.

The bottom line is that anti-abortion legislators are making decisions about our bodies and lives behind closed doors, eliminating all transparency with their constituents. They know this is out of step with the will of North Carolinians and yet, they are forcing votes on a bill that will affect millions of people at the eleventh hour. It is clear that the ultimate goal of the anti-abortion movement is to control every part of our bodies, lives, and futures. We cannot let them.  

We must call and email our state legislators, attend rallies, and donate to abortion funds and clinics. We must be loud and remain committed to this fight.  

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. People always have and always will need abortion care. No one should have their options for abortion care limited by politics. People should be able to get their abortion care in the way that’s best for them and we’ll keep fighting to make that a reality. 

Right now abortion is still legal and available to 20 weeks at our North Carolina clinics, you can request an appointment here or call 800-298-8874 to schedule an appointment.