Now Scheduling Appointments In Danville VA

We are proud to announce that A Woman’s Choice clinics have expanded services to Danville, VA!

A Woman’s Choice is proud to announce that we opened a clinic in Danville, Virginia! Our organization is excited to meet the growing needs of our patients and to properly respond to the tumultuous political climate in the South.

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe, abortion access in the South has only gotten worse as states enacted total and near-total abortion bans. Our clinics in North Carolina and Florida have seen an increase in patients, many coming from surrounding banned abortion states. A Woman’s Choice of Danville sits on the Virginia-North Carolina border, only 50 minutes from our Greensboro, NC clinic. Yet, the access on each side of the state line drastically differs.

In North Carolina, our patients face tremendous burdens and state-imposed restrictions to accessing abortion care including a 12-week abortion ban, a state-mandated 72-hour waiting period, and two in-person trips to the clinic. All of these factors delay care and many times, push it out of reach.

Patients accessing care in Virginia currently do not face these draconian state-mandated delaying tactics and regulations. A Woman’s Choice of Danville provides abortions through 15 weeks with plans to expand to 20 weeks in the near future. 

A Woman’s Choice’s mission is to provide safe, effective, and affordable first and second-trimester abortion care in our communities. We are proud to further fulfill our mission by opening a trusted independent brick-and-mortar clinic in Danville, Virginia. 

A Woman’s Choice Clinics envisions a world where everyone can receive the quality, compassionate abortion care they need, and create their families without barriers, fear, or interference from others. In our clinics, every individual’s decision is met with love and support.

To schedule an appointment at A Woman’s Choice of Danville, please call 434-218-1032. If you are traveling to our clinics from a state that has banned abortion, then there may be additional financial support available to you.

Thank you for your support as we move forward. Please share this news with your networks. 

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