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  • Driven, resourceful self-starter who is the right mix of creative and strategic
  • Excellent communicator and trainer
  • Possess a passion and commitment to AWC vision and mission

This position requires a strong Team Leader to train, motivate and supervise a staff of AWC Phone Representatives in the AWC call center, making appointments for all AWC Clinics. As a strategic communication leader, you are responsible for building the AWC brand at the FIRST call. You will meet regularly with the EDCS and AWC Clinic Managers to develop and implement a comprehensive communications strategy that advances AWC organizational goals and positions AWC as the FIRST CHOICE for abortion care.  

Report to:  EDCS, CEO & Others as directed

Job Function and Responsibilities include: 

  • Supervise the daily operations and staff
  • In coordination with EDCS, recruit, screen, interview and hire top notch compassionate AWC phone representatives
  • Train all staff per AWC policy & procedure, forms -- supervising, monitoring and re-training as needed
  • Collect, analyze and submit accurate statistics to demonstrate value of call center
  • Establish and maintain a working relationship with all Clinic Managers
  • Facilitate monthly staff meetings
  • Monitor, maintain, and manager phone system

Specific qualifications to have (or develop proficiency within one year) include: 

  • 3+ years of experience in call center work and supervision
  • Superb communication skills, including strong, legible writing and editing skills
  • The ability to work effectively with phone technology and computer software
  • The ability to work independently, while also collaborating with senior leadership and other team members
  • The ability to work and thrive in a dynamic environment, responding quickly to challenges; to multitask and shift priorities as necessary
  • Maintain statistical data to ensure viability of Center
  • In coordination with CEO, and others, as directed, develop and work within a reasonable budget. 

Other duties as assigned include: 

  • Train for Clinic Front Desk and help in emergencies as directed by EDCS/CEO
  • In coordination with Communications Director & EDCS, (others as directed) implement AWC Compassionate Support Training for Staff. 

To apply please send resume and cover letter to awc.hiring18@gmail.com.



  • Full Time, Salaried Position
  • Compensation is negotiable and is based upon education and experience
  • Benefits package begins at the end of probationary period and includes over two weeks paid time off and medical insurance
  • Some travel to other A Woman's Choice Clinics may be required occasionally

Requirements for Position:

  • Unequivocal and enthusiastic support of quality abortion care and rights and for all people to have access to the health care they need with respect, dignity and compassion.
  • Minimum two years’ experience in reproductive health care management desired
  • Attention to details and deadlines is an absolute must
  • Team-Building skill and experience
  • An understanding of contracts, procedures and protocols as they pertain to health care and how those documents impact the sustainability of the clinic
  • The ability to navigate state departments, and other credentialing bodies that will have some oversight of the facility and clinicians
  • The ability to think quickly, creatively and to act in a calm, professional manner when it comes to problem solving in a medical environment
  • The ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds, whether they are staff or patients
  • The ability to work professionally with vendors, suppliers and contractors who will provide goods and services to the medical facility
  • An understanding of each staff member’s job and how each position connects with the positive experience of our patients and with the success of the facility
  • Ability to complete all required Reports accurately so that those reports to governing bodies, and to Sr Management, correctly reflect the work of the clinic and care for patients, support persons and staff
  • Ability to analyze these Report findings to recommend adjustments or changes to improve patient and staff care goals

 Front Office Operations:

  • Ensure smooth clinic flow and positive experiences for patient, friends, staff and Physicians.  
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with AWC and NAF medical protocols and administrative procedures, HIPPA, CLIA, OSHA and state pharmacy regulations. Submit audit data when assigned; ensure Clinic meets Agency and AWC QA requirements.
  • Assist CEO and EDCS with financial oversight of Clinic. Monitor daily and monthly financial statements and patient visits. Submit required Reports as directed. Manage expenses and staffing to ensure successful operations and financial stability. Accountable for submission of financial deposits and logs.

Facilities: Work with AWC Executive Director of Clinic Services for:

  • Oversee ordering and accuracy of inventory for medical supplies and administrative supplies for the Clinic. Work with EDCS to develop and maintain appropriate inventory levels. In conjunction with the CEO and EDCS, evaluate and decide on vendors for office needs Development of local vendor bids, contracts and supervision of vendor work, once approved and contracted.  
  • Daily assurance of AWC Standard for facility cleanliness, maintenance, and upkeep.

 Human Relations:

  • Promote continuous communication between administrative and medical staff; create and maintain a teamwork approach.
  • Develop a system with EDCS for optimal patient flow on a daily basis that helps meet productivity performance goals, reduce patient wait times and encourage a positive patient experience. Ensure staff are trained and cross-trained to provide flow facilitation.
  • Facilitate regular Staff Meetings and Specialized Trainings.
  • Continuously monitor and adjust staff schedules to ensure efficient delivery of service and adequate break/lunch times. This includes the authority to make changes in staffing patterns and/or duties to assure optimum flow and patient satisfaction.
  • Ensure daily, weekly and monthly reports are completed accurately and in a timely manner by appropriate staff.
  • Work with EDCS to compose job descriptions and post appropriately. Assist with staffing effectively by working with EDCS in hiring, coaching and training staff to provide all clinic services per their job descriptions, monitoring and evaluating staff in their daily performance. Support EDCS in training, monitoring and evaluating staff members. 

Please submit your resume and three references to: awc.hiring18@gmail.com